Kaymich’s Adhesive Solutions

Kaymich has long been recognised as a key supplier of adhesive and fluid application systems. Indeed back in the 1970s Kaymich spotted a niche in the market for an application system which could cope with rapidly improving and faster machinery and technology; hence the industry’s first gravity fed PVA side seam application system was born. That self-same product is still sold worldwide today, testament to the quality of the product as well as its efficacity in meeting market requirements. However, not content to rest on its laurels, Kaymich today continues to find innovative solutions for adhesive application in the ever demanding tobacco sector, as the company strives to help customer remain competitive whilst reducing their costs.

Kaymich offers a range of adhesive application products for the application of hot and cold adhesives, designed to meet the varying requirements of customers within the tobacco sector. Customised and bespoke products and systems can also be designed when off-the-shelf products do not match specific customer needs.

Cigarette Side Seam Adhesive Application Systems
Kaymich’s side seam systems incorporate the original side seam applicator which is suitable for installation on most cigarette makers. They are designed to apply PVA fed by either gravity or pump and are available with an optional manual or automatic retracting stand. The design gives an accurate application of adhesive and with no stoppages for cleaning purposes this is a low maintenance and cost efficient way to apply adhesive.

Filter Tow Spray Retention System
This product is designed to apply adhesive over a wide area to anchor the tow to the paper. This system applies adhesive in a swirl pattern via a non-contact spray valve, reducing the bleed-through contamination often experienced when using highly porous paper. The result is a considerably improved adhesion, sometimes up to 5 times more secure, with no change in paper porosity. This application system also improves cleanliness and decreases stoppage for cleaning purposes.

Spray Valves
Kaymich spray valves are used within cigarette packing where they are designed to apply PVA to board. The atomisation of the adhesive effectively removes up to 25% of the water content from the glue, which results in the adhesive applied being very tacky and enabling a fast and effective bond. The unique design of Kaymich’s valves, with its self-cleaning feature, eliminates the problems of alternative suppliers’ products and ensures clean, repeatable and accurate adhesive application.

Gravity Fed Hot Melt System
The Kaymich system is engineered to the highest standards enabling the user to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs. It uses up to 40% less hot melt compared to a pump fed system when running porous paper, eliminates bleed-through which reduces downtime for cleaning and increases production speed, and is a low maintenance system with no pumps to maintain or moving parts in operation.