Kaymich Extend Gemini Dosage Options To Allow Ultra-Low Flow Dosage

Kaymich now offer Ultra-Low Dosage option for their Gemini flavour application system, significantly extending the range of flow and therefore potential applications for the system. We offer three options relating to the dosing levels (volume) required: Ultra-Low Dosage, Standard and High Capacity. ULTRA LOW DOSAGE PUMP Flow: 0.5ml – 30ml per minute STANDARD PUMP Flow: … Continue reading “Kaymich Extend Gemini Dosage Options To Allow Ultra-Low Flow Dosage”

Kaymich’s Adhesive Solutions

Kaymich has long been recognised as a key supplier of adhesive and fluid application systems. Today the company continues to find innovative solutions for adhesive application in the ever demanding tobacco sector, as the company strives to help customer remain competitive whilst reducing their costs.

Kaymich releases mixer for homogenisation of liquids

C.B. Kaymich & Co. Limited, world leaders and innovators in providing solutions for adhesive application and fluid control systems, are pleased to announce the release of their Tank Agitation System, designed to be used with liquids containing particles within suspension, to keep them suspended within the mix and prevent separation.