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SG Spray Valve


The application of aqueous dispersion adhesive (PVA) to board or paper for cigarette packing (pack or carton).


Designed to apply adhesive packaging. The Kaymich SG Spray Valve applies adhesive under pressure, atomising the adhesive on application which effectively removes up to 25% of the water content from the glue, making the adhesive applied very tacky to enable a fast bond.

Adhesive is supplied to the adhesive chamber in the valve from a pressurised tank or pump.  When the piston air solenoid opens, the valve needle is drawn open against the force of the spring allowing adhesive to flow.  The process takes 15ms.  At the same time as the adhesive is jetting out of the nozzle, spray air is supplied to the air cap via porting in the adhesive chamber.  After entering the valve the air passes through a swirl ring which creates a vortex of air over the nozzle within the air cap.  This vortex then atomises the adhesive as it leaves the nozzle in a conical formation.  The closing process is initiated by the control system of the parent machine and takes 15ms.


Key Features

Atomised adhesive provides quicker bond compared with wet applications such as pen, jet or wheel, improving pack quality and reducing rejects..

Self-cleaning, with spray air actuating before adhesive is applied and continuing after the adhesive line is closed, cleaning the face of the nozzle on every cycle, minimising downtime for cleaning.

Ratchet style adjuster for easy adjustmentof adhesive flow, at the rear of the applicator.

Application width proportional to distance of valve nozzle from substrate.

Optional spray beam mounting.

Optional folding rails

SG Spray valve from Kaymich


What is the maximum operating speed?
Currently under development but nominally 1,500 cycles per minute or 500 dots per minute.

What types of glue can be used?
Synthetic resin emulsion – PVA or EVA. Various adhesives with viscosity between 120 – 1200cps can be used, but the optimum adhesives have a viscosity of around 550cps..

How often and how easy are they to clean?
They only require that the air cap is wiped with a damp cloth at the end of an 8 hour shift..

How are the SG valves adjusted?
They use a ratchet mechanism that requires no tools to adjust. It also makes setting more easily defined, by closing the ratchet fully, then turning it out by a specified number of clicks. This makes noting the correct setting easy, e.g. 8 clicks open.


  • SG Valve: Up to 1500 cycles per minute (typically 500 dots per minute).
  • Horizontal or vertically downward application.
  • Adhesive range 150 – 1200 centipoise, solids content 45% - 55%.

Technical Specification

Suitable for fitment to a wide range of cigarette packing machines, cartoners and case packer. For more information please contact Kaymich.

Services Required:
Dry, filtered, non lubricated compressed air, 60 to 100psi/4 to 7 bar. No lubrication required.
Electrical voltage – 12 or 24 Vdc
Spray air:= 0.0002 litres/ms.
Electrical power: 4 watts.


Adhesive Recommendations:
Whilst our products are designed to work with a wide range of adhesives performance will optimised by selection of the most suitable grade to match your process parameters. Please contact us if you require any assistance in identifying a solution for your requirements.

Type – End user must supply an adhesive tank to contain and supply adhesive (also available from Kaymich upon request). Synthetic resin emulsion.
Viscosity range – 150 to 1200 centipoise.
Solids content – 45% to 55%.
Supply pressure – 20 to 60 psi/1.5 to 4 bar.
Supply condition –Filtered, typical mesh 760μm (0.03 inch).
For adhesive grade recommendations please contact your regular supplier.


Performance characteristics:
Type – Valve reaction time – 15 ms open, 15 ms closed.
Cleaning duration – 35 to 50 ms.
Frequency of operation – up to 1,500 cycles per minute maximum.
Performance– Typically 500 dots/min.