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Spray Tow Retention


Spray Tow Retention


The application of aqueous dispersion adhesive (PVA) fed either by pressue pot or pump, on a filter making machine.


The Proportional Spray Tow Retention System is designed to apply a wide coverage of adhesive to the filter paper, anchoring the tow. Installed either as an additional component to the Kaymich GFH system or as a stand-alone system, the PST is suitable for a wide variety of filter makers and combiners.

Key Features

  • Proportional application of adhesive in relation to machine speed. Not entirely linear – some minimal variation will be observed at higher speed.
  • Application is consistent at any given speed.
  • Non-contact application reduces bleed-through adhesive contamination, compared to contact type applicator when using highly porous paper, improving cleanliness and decreasing stoppage for cleaning.
  • A speed sensor monitors machine speed , spray adjusted ensuring a relatively linear amount of glue is applied.
  • Nominal spray width adjustable
  • Running speed 50 – 600 meters per minute. High speeds may experience a marginal loss of linearity, dependent upon glue specification.
  • Glue weight application approximately 0.08g/meter, adjustable.
  • Air supply of >=5 bar required. Air regulator ensures fluctuations do not significantly affect application.
  • Improves segment (tow) retention compared with single line applicator, reducing segment fall-out.
  • The swirl pattern ensures a wide coverage of adhesive without significantly reducing the paper coresta. Delivers improved tow security without significantly reducing paper porosity (typically less than 32K reduction on 500K paper applying 0.088 g/m), decreasing cost as the paper coresta (porosity) requirement is minimised.
  • Wide adhesive application from a single applicator. The width of the pattern can be changed but is normally around 10mm wide.
  • Ability to apply a wide variety of adhesive patterns.
  • A ratchet style adjuster.
  • It replaces the requirement for multiple lines of tow retention, improving filter plug quality as the distortion caused by multiple solid longitudinal lines is eliminated.
  • Improves filter rod quality eliminating ridges of adhesive along the rod.

Swirl Application using the Kaymich Spray Tow Retention system


What does the system comprise?
• Applicator • Mounting bracket • HMI • Speed sensor/encoder • Control box including air regulators for spray air and adhesive air. • Adhesive pump Assembly • Adhesive tank

What is the minimum width pattern the system is able to produce?
We have successfully produced consistent patterns as narrow as 3mm. It may be possible to reduce this further subject to materials (adhesive and paper) and machine speed.

What is the diameter of the applicator orifice?
The applicator nozzle has an Ø0.8mm orifice.

What adhesive specification can be used?
Typically PVA adhesive between 500 – 1500 centipoise, solids content 20% - 50%. Adhesive specification is key to acheiving the desired results. HB Fullers IPACOLL LP2934B has recently been successfully used in extended tests.

Can the system be integrated into the maker controls?
No, not currently.

Can the PST system be used with multi segment filters?


  • Available as a stand alone system or as option with Kaymich GFH system.
  • Pump fed system applying adhesive proportionally to machine speed, application linear to machine sped although some loss of linearity may be observed at high speed.
  • Adhesive grade and viscosity significently affects application results. Please contact Kaymich for recommendations.
  • Not to be used with lubricated air supplies.

Technical Specification

Suitable machines:
Hauni: All filter plug makers and combiners.
ITM: All ITM filter plug makers and combiners
Molins: All filter plug makers and combiners.
Sanjo: All filter plug makers.


Services required:

Dry, filtered, non-lubricated compressed air, 60 to 100 psi (4 to 7 bar).
Electrical voltage – 12 Vdc, 24Vdc or 110Vac (other voltages on request).
Electrical power – 5 Watts
CE compliant


Adhesive Recommendations:
Whilst our products are designed to work with a wide range of adhesives performance will optimised by selection of the most suitable grade to match your process parameters. Please contact us if you require any assistance in identifying a solution for your requirements.

Type – Synthetic resin emulsion
Viscosity – Please contact Kaymich to confirm the most suitable grade for your application.
Solids Content – 20% to 50%