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XS1A Applicator Series


XS1A Mini Applicator


The application of aqueous dispersion adhesive (PVA) fed by gravity or pump, on a cigarette making machine.


A miniaturised version of the Kaymich Side Seam Applicator, the XS1A is specifically designed for makers that have a limited amount of space on the garniture, for example the GD1-2-1.

Key Features

  • Compact design for installation where space is limited.
  • Optional manual or automatic retracting stand. Fine adjustment of the applicator to paper position is offered by both options.
  • Adhesive application relative to machine speed.
  • No moving parts during application.
  • Choice of nozzle designs depending upon host machine and lap width required. See appendix.
  • Carbide coated nozzle tip for long life.





Kaymich XS1A Mini Side Seam Applicator


Can the nozzle be replaced as a single part?
No. The needle and nozzle are machined as a matched pair to ensure the integrity of the seal.

Are the nozzles available with different diameter outlet?
Yes. 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm as standard, other sizes on request

How can we determine the correct replacement needle and nozzle?
The simplest way is to provide Kaymich with the applicator serial number located in the keyway. Otherwise confirmation of the nozzle diameter and host making machine is required.

How do we adjust the amount of adhesive applied to the cigarette rod?
The flow rate of the adhesive is controlled by the rear adjuster on the applicator; this determines the distance the needle retracts from the nozzle and hence, adhesive flow.

Is the application relative to machine speed?
Yes, the Venturi pressure drop principle is created by the cigarette paper and air passing over the end of the nozzle. It is therefore self-regulating.

What types of glue can be used?
Synthetic resin emulsion – PVA or EVA, viscosity range 150 – 1500 centipoise with solids content 45% to 55%.


  • Minimum adhesive viscosity for gravity option 150 centipoise.
  • Maximum adhesive viscosity for gravity option 1500 centipoise.
  • Not to be used with lubricated air supplies.

Technical Specification

Services Required:
Dry, filtered, non lubricated compressed air, 60 to 100psi/4 to 7 bar. Air inlet 6.00 mm OD. No electrical services required. No lubrication required.
Electrical voltage – 110 VAC
(For other voltages please contact Kaymich)

Wetted Parts:
Stainless steel or EPDM

Nozzle Specifications:
Stainless steel with carbide coated tip. 1.00 mm diameter standard. 1.5 mm can be supplied on request.

Adhesive inlet – 13 mm internal diameter.

Adhesive Recommendations:
Whilst our products are designed to work with a wide range of adhesives performance will optimised by selection of the most suitable grade to match your process parameters. Please contact us if you require any assistance in identifying a solution for your requirements.

Type – Synthetic resin emulsion.
Viscosity range – 150 to 1500 centipoise.
Solids content – 45% to 55%
For adhesive grade recommendations please contact your regular supplier.