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Contact: +44 (0)114 2446071

Success through innovation



Gemini Flavour Application System.


The on-line application of flavouring within the Secondary cigarette manufacturing process.


Designed to apply liquid flavours to tobacco, cigarette paper, filter tow, or packaging (foil).

Key Features

  • Choice of on-line application point within the cigarette manufacturing process, including:
    • Onto the paper on the cigarette maker.
    • Onto the tobacco stream on the cigarette maker.
    • Into the tobacco in the suction chamber on the cigarette maker.
    • Into the tow on the filter maker.
    • Onto foil on a re-wind unit.
  • Machine efficiency when measured in production conditions typically in excess of 95%.
  • Heated or cold flavour application from the same unit maximises use, provides versatility in production.
  • The heated facility eliminates the requirement for alcohol in the production process, improving application accuracy and reducing cost of making mentholated product.
  • Fully heated system from tank to application point (flavour applicator) eliminates cold spots, maintaining consistent flow and prevents build up of solids.
  • Provides accurate application of flavours proportional to machine speed by precision gear pump, to within +/- 1% or minimum 0.2mg of target dosage. Accuracy level is maintained across a broad range of dosage between 1ml – 290ml per minute provides versatility in use.
  • Mobile unit with quick release self-sealing fittings, easily transferred between making lines.
  • Two 50 litre flavour tanks with level detection and automatic change-over ensure continuity of production.
  • Optional agitation system for blended liquids, to maintain a homogenous mix.
  • Data collection and logging of production parameters.
  • Shift timer enables Gemini to pre-heat ready for production.

The Kaymich Gemini flavour application unitTobacco Applicator - garnitureFilter applicator for flavour application into tow.Paper Applicator


Is Gemini compatible with legacy Kaymich flavour application systems such as the UFA1000 Iniversal Flavour Application system and AFS1000 Advance Flavour Application system?

Yes.  Gemini can be used with legacy Kaymich application systems by installing a simple upgrade kit to the applicators and hose.

What type of control system is the Gemini supplied with?
The HMI is an Industrial PC enclosed in a compact brushed stainless steel cabinet.The Kaymich application is proprietary software that provides a visual interface to monitor process parameters and enables the user to modify control parameters. The HMI is also used to collect run time data so that all production process data may be monitored at a later date.

Is the flow meter fitted as standard?
Yes, a Coriolis type flow meter is fitted as standard.

What is the minimum amount of flow detectable by the flow meter?
The minimum flow detectable by the flow meter is 0.5 gram/min (500mg/minute).

What are the typical levels of accuracy achieved for flavour delivery in the suction chamber?
The Suction Chamber was the chosen applicator used during a six month validation process by one customer. The trial results confirmed that the dosage accuracy achieved during manufacture was within 1% after the ramp up period.

What is the Gemini response time from start?
The response time between the maker and the Gemini pump speed is approximately 350mS. This however does not account for the time taken for the hose and applicator pressure equalisation (response at the nozzle), this can be affected by a number of factors including machine speed; dosage; air in the hose.

What type of connector is used for the Data Collection feature?
Ethernet connector via OPC or by USB stick .

What modifications are made to the host machine for each type of applicator?
For all host machines, an encoder, junction box and cabling are installed.The modifications required then per host machine depend upon the type of applicator. The paper applicator is mounted upon the paper path prior to the garniture and simply requires some mounting holes drilling.

The filter applicator is designed to mount upon the nozzle of the stuffer jet. Depending upon the type of stuffer jet some minor modifications may be required and these are usually carried out during installation.

The tobacco applicator (garniture) requires the drilling of the tobacco plate to enable the applicator nozzle to be inserted and apply flavour to the tobacco rod. This work is usually undertaken during installation.

The Suction Chamber Applicator is designed to mount upon the suction chamber rail to apply flavour to the tobacco rod. New rails are required , these are usually purchased by the end user and can be purchased either from the host maker or Spikker. A heater element is incorporated into the suction chamber rails and are controlled by the HMI on the Kaymich flavour system ( if the rails are from the host maker e.g. Hauni they supply the heaters, if the rails are from Spikker Kaymich supply the heaters) The applicator nozzles locates onto the rail via a precision bored hole and is attached to the suction chamber rail via two screws to enable applicator to be inserted precisely. Quick release self-sealing connections are fitted to both the applicator and hose, enabling the suction band to be replaced without removing the applicator. There are many variants of both the applicator and heater elements as they are bespoke to the type of maker it is fitted to, and the configuration of that maker.


  • Each application differs: The type of cigarette paper, tobacco, machine operating speed, flavour dosage and operating cleanliness can all affect quality of the end product and the efficiency of the parent making machine..
  • Not to be used with lubricated air supplies.
  • The Gemini is designed for use with many different flavours (within specific parameters), prior to use please ensure the flavour you intend to dispense complies with the below information and that the unit is operated in accordance with the instructions provided in the manual:

Liquids with a flashpoint ≤40°C

Liquids with a flashpoint >40°C and ≤90°C
Suitable for use in ‘Cold Flavour Mode’, please see manual for operating instructions.

Heated flavours with a flashpoint >90°C
Can be used without changes to the units’ configuration.

Whilst our products are designed to work with a wide range of materials performance will optimised by selection of the most suitable grade to match your process parameters. Please contact us if you require any assistance in identifying a solution for your requirements.

Technical Specification

Services Required:
Air: Dry, filtered non lubricated - 75 to 100 psi (5 to 7 bar)
Electrical voltage – 415Vac 50/60Hz (three phase with neutral and earth) Current: 10 Amps/Phase


Wetted Parts:
Stainless steel.


Flavour Specification:
Typical flavour application includes Menthol (crystal or solution), Mint, Fruit, Clove, Vanilla, Liqueurs flavouring. Menthol crystals, natural or synthetic. Viscosity, not critical. Other flavours may also be applied. Please contact Kaymich to confirm compatibility.


Performance Characteristics:
Maximum capacity 100 litres
Temperature control range– Ambient to 70°C
Flow rate– 288ml/minute per track
Gemini dimensions – H=1000mm,W=1400mm, D=650mm
HMI Dimensions – 420mm x 375mm x105mm


Data Collection:– Is a software feature providing remote access via Ethernet to ‘Gemini’ and a number of ‘live’ making machines parameters. Using the ‘Data Collection’ feature, users owning a number of Kaymich flavour systems have the advantage of monitoring several production lines from one remote PC.

Data logging: For product traceability. A software feature which enables the user to store and subsequently analyse user selected data. Requirements: • OPC client configured to collect and store data from ‘Gemini’ • One available Ethernet network connection per ‘Gemini’ flavour unit • Network security configuration

Tank Agitation - for blended flavours we can supply tank agitation to maintain a homogenous mix.

Sample Tank - a 6L tank insert that enables low volume production runs and sampling with reduced downtime for cleaning.