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Contact: +44 (0)114 2446071

Success through innovation

Gemini Accessories


Kaymich Low Volume Tank.

Tank Agitation.


A new Low Volume 6L Tank is now available for use with the Gemini flavour application system.

The low volume tank is designed to be inserted into either one of the two 50L tanks to enable short production runs or sampling and reduce the cleaning requirements post-production.

Users are able to reduce the volume of flavour required to undertake a short production run and also reduce the cleaning requirements on completion of the run.

Made from polished 304 Stainless steel throughout, the Low Volume Tank includes a 25 micron ‘plug-in’ filter which is easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

The tank has a valved outlet to enable pre-filling. When the tank is inserted into the main Gemini tank the valve opens automatically. The valve automatically closes when the tank is removed from the host.

A tethered, removable bar style handle is provided for ease of handling whilst allowing access to the filter.

All sealing ‘O’ rings are Viton.

The Low Volume Tank is supplied with a tank support stand to facilitate pre-filling and storage after use.

The Low Volume Tank is fully food grade and tobacco industry compliant.

For details please contact Kaymich on +44 (0) 1142446071 or tim.williams@kaymich.com.



The Tank Agitator is designed to work alongside the Gemini System to ensure a homogeneous mix of liquids and prevent individual ingredients from separating out. In addition to being used to ensure substances remain blended, it also reduces the melt time when used with menthol crystals.

The Tank Agitator has an external magnetically coupled motor which drives a stirrer in the bottom of the tank. The Tank Agitator system is controlled from the Gemini software which enables the stirrers to be used individually or in unison via touch buttons on the HMI.

The physical design of the Agitator is such that the stirrer can be quickly and easily removed from the unit without a trace, thereby easing the actual cleaning of the tanks. In addition, the magnetic coupling eliminates any potential leak path which would be present with a direct drive.

The Tank Agitation System comprises:

1. A 24v motor fitted on the exterior of the tank
2. A stirrer inside the tank
3. A software upgrade to the Gemini HMI

The Tank Agitation system:

• Ensures homogeneous mix of liquids
• Prevents compound separation
• Reduces melt time of menthol crystals
• Facilitates easy tank cleaning
• Provides an effective & economic product solution
• Magnetic coupling prevents leaks

Technical details
An external, magnetically coupled motor drives the stirrer within the tank which enables it to rotate within the mixture.

• The stirrer utilises 316 stainless steel and polypropylene for exceptional chemical resistance;
• The units have powerful magnets and motors to provide stirring speeds up to 100 rpm with volumes up to 50 litres;
• Stirring is performed without undesirable heating and noise;
• The stirrers are easily removable from the tanks which facilitates cleaning and also eliminates cross contamination;
• When used with the Gemini, the stirrers can be used individually or in unison;
• The Tank Agitation System reduces the melt time of menthol crystals by up to one third;
• The system can be installed by any competent Electrical Engineer.

Speed (Max) 100rpm
Speed (rpm) (low) 10rpm
Stirrer material (wetted parts) stainless steel, polypropylene & viton
Stirrer dimensions (mm) (40 x 150)
Weight 500 grams
Volume of liquid Up to 50 litres