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Success through innovation

Bulk Melt Unit.


Bulk Melt System.


The off-line application preparation of menthol or other heated materials.


The KA400001 Bulk Melt System is designed for batch melting/ heating a whole range of products, including foodstuffs, with the melting profile being fully customisable to meet process requirements.

Designed to complement and enhance our existing product range, this new device is primarily targeted at preparation away from the process line.

The Bulk Melt system consists of:
  • The Bulk Melt Unit incorporating flavour tank, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Electrical Control Box and heater block.
  • Delivery /Recirculating Pump (optional).
  • Heated Hose (optional).

Two standard modes of operation are available, rapid and slow. When operating in rapid mode the product is brought to temperature as quickly as possible, with the profile controlled to avoid any detrimental effects to the product.

This heating profile is fully customisable to suit the product, once at temperature the unit switches to maintain the product at the desired heat, again configurable to suit your requirements.

In slow mode the temperature gradient is much more gradual, this allows for thorough heat distribution particularly useful for material which may be sensitive to rapid heating, or where product has been allowed to solidify within the unit. Once again all the temperatures associated with this mode can be tailored to suit the materials involved.


Key Features

  • Fifteen core heaters along with the outer tank heater zones ensure even heat distribution.
  • Re-circulatory pump to speed heat distribution.
  • Maximum tank capacity, 100 litres (liquid).
  • Machine efficiency when measured in production conditions typically in excess of 95%.
  • Tank level sensor.
  • Programmable heating “profile” to enable the heating process to be customised to meet the requirements of the materials and the user.
  • Programmable dispensing rate, with a maximum of 25 litres per minute.
  • All ‘wetted’ parts of food grade material.
  • Maximum temperature of medium, 80 deg C.
  • Heated hose to ensure temperature of delivered product is maintained.
  • Touch screen controller, with intuitive, easy to use control software.

Bulk Melt system


How long does it take to heat 50kgs of menthol to liquid?
Less than one hour.While in the melting process a pressure sensor detects the level of the Liquefied menthol, Once this has reached a liquid level of 5% and the required time elapsed the recirculation valve will open and the liquefied menthol will be pumped back into the top of the tank to aid the melting process.

Can we save different heating profiles for later use?
Different heating profiles can be stored in the memory of the micro-processor controller to use again as needed.

How is the flavour transferred from the Bulk Melt System once ready for use?
This is optional to the user and specified at the time of order. Kaymich will supply anything from simple pipe outlet to a complete pump dispenser with heated hose.

What happens if the tank is not filled completely when the rapid melt option is started?
A level sensor detects a set height within the tank. If the crystals are below this set height the system enables a slow melting process. If the crystals are above the set height the system enables a Quick melting process.


  • Not to be used with lubricated air supplies.
  • The Bulk Melt System is designed for use with many different flavours (within specific parameters), prior to use please ensure the flavour you intend to dispense complies with the below information and that the unit is operated in accordance with the instructions provided in the manual:

Liquids with a flashpoint ≤40°C

Liquids with a flashpoint >40°C and ≤90°C

Heated flavours with a flashpoint >90°C
Can be used without changes to the units’ configuration.

Whilst our products are designed to work with a wide range of materials, performance will optimised by selection of the most suitable grade to match your process parameters. Please contact us if you require any assistance in identifying a solution for your requirements. .

Technical Specification

Services Required:
Air: Dry, filtered non lubricated - 75 to 100 psi (5 to 7 bar)

Air consumption: less than 1 LPH


Wetted Parts:
Stainless steel.


Flavour Specification:
Typical flavour application includes Menthol (crystal or solution), Mint, Fruit, Clove, Vanilla, Liqueurs flavouring. Menthol crystals, natural or synthetic. Viscosity, not critical. Other flavours may also be applied. Please contact Kaymich to confirm compatibility.


Performance Characteristics:
Maximum capacity 100 litres
Temperature control range– Ambient to 65°C
Bulk Melt System dimensions – 980 mm x 700 mm x 970 mm (without heated hose fitted)