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Products for cigarette filter rod making

The PFH2000/GFH2000 represents the latest adhesive system suitable for fitment to the Hauni KDF2 and other filter plug makers.

The system employs Kaymich's established and proven technology used in cigarette side seam applications and is available in either a pump or gravity fed.

PFH2000/GFH2000 Filter rod adhesive system


PFH2000- Pump Feed Hot Melt System
  • Easy valve setting with horizontal and vertical adjustment.
  • Gravity or pump feed hot melt application with adhesive application proportional to machine speed.
  • Independent control of hot melt temperature to header tank, heated hose and hot melt applicator.
  • Modular back plate enables multiple configurations including hot melt side sea, supplementary PVA for lap security and tow retention in single line, multiple line and spray 'swirl' options.
  • Retracting rollers provide easy access for paper threading.


  • Increases productivity. Reduced hot melt bleed through, particularly with porous plug wrap paper, results in fewer stoppages due to contamination on the cooler bar.
  • Improves quality. More consistent rod diameter is achieved as a result of using less adhesive - only as much as the paper needs.
  • Reduces costs. Up to 40% saving in hot melt adhesive consumption is achieved by converting from a standard pump to the Kaymich gravity fed system.

System description

The PFH2000/GFH2000 represents the latest adhesive application system from Kaymich, suitable for fitment to a wide range of plugmakers.

The system features a simplified backplate that allows for micro adjustment and positioning of adhesive lines, and nozzle to paper. The hot melt applicator incorporates a stainless steel 'bellows type' seal, eliminating the wear and maintenance problems associated with sliding seals. The backplate features retracting pins, paper sensor and miniaturised tow retention applicators.

The latest electronic technology is used in the controller, giving digital temperature read out and multi function alarms. Simplified front panel layout with icons, membrane switches and overheat protection.

Incorporating basic components - heated tank, hose, and control module, the PFH2000/GFH2000 can be set up for various application formats using the hot melt and PVA applicators.

Suitable for fitment to the following machines:

Hauni:  KDF2
ITM:     The Kaymich PFH2000/GFH2000 is fitted as standard equipment to all ITM filter machines.
Molins: PM5
Sanjo:  FR4
For all other machines please call Kaymich

Services required:

Dry, filtered, non lubricated compressed air, 60 to 100 psi / 4 to 7 bar.

Consumption - 50-65 ml/stop or start (3 to 4 cubic inches).


Electrical Voltage - 220/240 Vac @ 50 to 60 Hz

Current - 10 amps max.

CE compliant

Adhesive recommendations:

Hot melt adhesive

Characteristics - high tack, fast setting

Viscosity - 2000 centipoise recommended, in the range of 1000 to 5000 centipoise.

Aqueous dispersion adhesive

Type - Synthetic resin emulsion.

Viscosity - 1000 centipoise recommended in the range 150 to 1500 centipoise.

Solids content - within the range of 45% to 55%.

For adhesive grade recommendations please contact your normal supplier.

Performance characteristics:

  • Speed - up to 625 rod metres/minute(gravity) and 1000 rod metres/minute (pump.)
  • Hot melt tank capacity - 5kgs.
  • Melt rate - 4kg/hour
  • Aqueous dispersion tank capacity - 5 litres.

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FTS2000 filter tow spray application system


The FTS2000 is designed to apply a wide coverage of adhesive without significantly reducing the paper coresta or affecting rod quality and diameter.

The design of the valve produces a unique swirl pattern of adhesive as it is applied ensuring excellent plug security. 


  • Flexible diaphragm eliminates sliding seals
  • ratchet style adjuster for easy setting
  • Unique spray air cap design produces a distinctive spray pattern


  • Improves quality. Improved method of adhesive application eliminates ridges of adhesive from the filter rod, improving diameter control and filter performance.
  • Increases security. The application of adhesive over a wider area increases anchorage to the plug wrap thereby improving security.
  • Increases productivity. Particularly when running high coresta paper, reduced machine contamination decreases stoppage for cleaning, increasing productivity.
  • Decreases costs. Decreases the reduction of filter ventilation that normally occurs during application of solid adhesive lines. Therefore, a lower grade, less expensive coresta paper may be used to achieve the same result.

Technical specification

FTS2000 in action
  • Product: spray tow retention system
  • System range: FTS2000

System description

The FTS2000 is designed to apply aqueous dispersion adhesive to filter plug wrap paper. The FTS2000 is extremely flexible and can be easily adapted to a wide range of filter types from standard mono-acetate tow, to multi-segment filters.

Adhesive can be applied in various patterns to the paper via a non-contacting spray valve. The width of the pattern is variable but is normally set at 10mm wide.

Suitable for fitment to the following machines:

Hauni: All filter plug makers and combiners
The FTS2000 is offered as an optional extra, suitable for all filter plug makers & combiners
Molins:  All filter plug makers and combiners.
Sanjo:   All filter plug makers and combiners.

Services required:

  • Dry, filtered, non-lubricated compressed air, 60 to 100 psi (4 to 7 bar).
  • Electrical voltage - 12 Vdc, 24Vdc or 110Vac (other voltages on request).
  • Electrical power - 5 Watts
  • CE compliant
  • ]

Adhesive recommendations:

  • Type - Synthetic resin emulsion
  • Viscosity - 500 to 1500 centipoise
  • Solids content - 20% to 50%

For adhesive grade recommendations please contact your regular supplier.

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