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Contact: +44 (0)114 2446071

Success through innovation

Kaymich is recognised as a key supplier of adhesive and flavour application systems to the tobacco industry. With over 40 years’ experience and a sustained focus on continuous product innovation and development, Kaymich offers a wide range of products to help customers remain competitive whilst reducing their costs. With a network of agents across the globe, customers around the world are already successfully using high quality Kaymich products, knowing that dedicated engineering and customer support is available to ensure their machines keep running.

Here is an overview of the Kaymich product range:

Cigarette Side Seam Adhesive Application Systems

Kaymich’s side seam systems are suitable for installation on most cigarette makers.

They are designed to apply PVA, fed by either gravity or pump, and are available with an optional manual or automatic retracting stand. The design gives an accurate application of adhesive and with no stoppages for cleaning purposes this is a low maintenance and cost efficient way to apply adhesive.

Filter Tow Spray Retention System

This product is designed to apply adhesive over a wide area to anchor the tow to the paper.

This system applies adhesive in a swirl pattern via a non-contact spray valve, reducing the bleed-through contamination often experienced when using highly porous paper. The result is a considerably improved adhesion, sometimes up to 5 times more secure, with no change in paper porosity. This application system also improves cleanliness and decreases stoppage for cleaning purposes.

Spray Valves

Kaymich spray valves are used within cigarette packing where they are designed to apply PVA to board.

The atomisation of the adhesive effectively removes up to 25% of the water content from the glue, which results in the adhesive applied being very tacky and enabling a fast and effective bond. The unique design of Kaymich’s valves, with its self-cleaning feature, eliminates the problems of alternative suppliers’ products and ensures clean, repeatable and accurate adhesive application.

Gravity Fed Hot Melt System

The Kaymich system is engineered to the highest standards enabling the user to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs. It uses up to 40% less hot melt compared to a pump fed system when running porous paper, eliminates bleed-through which reduces downtime for cleaning and increases production speed, and is a low maintenance system with no pumps to maintain or moving parts in operation.

Bulk Melt System

The Kaymich Bulk Melt System is designed for batch melting or heating a whole range of products. With a large 100 litre tank, the Bulk Melt system can quickly melt menthol or other aromas in preparation for later use in the production process. It is often used as a secondary melting system to service online flavour application systems.

Gemini Baby

The Gemini Baby is designed to apply liquid flavours to tobacco or filter tow. which delivers only cold flavours. The system shares many of its core components with the Gemini Flavour Application System but is an entry level machine for the application of cold flavour. The Gemini Baby does not compromise on the speed or accuracy experienced with the fully featured Gemini and provides many of the benefits of its larger brother.

Gemini Flavour Application System

This System is designed to apply liquid flavours or aromas to tobacco, paper, filter tow or packaging.

Gemini is the most versatile unit on the market and the solution of choice for customers across the globe delivering a superior Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Customers generate significant CAPEX cost savings of up to 50% and up to 40% OPEX cost savings. An easy-to-use transferable system, Gemini requires minimal maintenance which reduces down-time and increase productivity. For more information about Gemini and how you can take advantage of the many benefits this system provides, click here. To find out more about how you can enjoy real CAPEX and OPEX cost savings, or to discuss your bespoke product requirements in more detail, get in touch with us today.